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Hello! My name is Laura Lee Eagles & I'm a Baby sculptor

Let’s start I have sculpted babies since 2009 and started when I came across these amazing One of A Kind Dolls on eBay looking for a perfect gift for my Mother & My mother-in-law, I did some researched on these dolls as i couldn't afford to buy one at the time and I was immediately captured with the creativity that went into making Art Dolls so of course I had to try. I wanted to gift one to my beloved Mother-in-law and Mother. 
(Kay Eagles) had a huge  amazing collection of all kinds of dolls and as well my mother to., so I made them one for a Christmas and They  loved it and encouraged me to make more , well they didn't need to encourage me I was already hooked...
I enjoyed and love sculpting
& creating babies so very much but the pure joy of seeing another paint & bring one of my babies to life is such a huge honour to me. 
My Journey :  I was born to a wonderful family a sister and two brothers and amazing parents who always believed in me and with everything I am. One of my greatest blessings was the day I meet my forever soul mate my husband (Don Eagles) My greatest love, We met in high school, I was 17 he was 16 and we have been in inseparable ever since.  We quickly got married at the young age of 19 & 20  and shortly I became a mother to my first-born and eventually became a mother to 3 beautiful children,  my first daughter was born in 1990, 2nd daughter born in 1992 and my only Son born in 1997...​​​​​
I was complete I had a family of my own, But with any family not all is perfect.  My middle child was born with a difficult start in life and to this day she still struggles she is (Autistic & globally delayed) life was a struggle for us all but she made me to whom I am today. Having to stay at home and take full-time care of her I had no time to have a career until I found dolls and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  She is my world...

Today I’m blessed with more family,  I am proudly a Grandma to three beautiful Grandchildren who I adore to no end ....Once again I am complete Life is good...