Reborn Contest 

L.L.E Reborning Contest Coming Soon 

  1. Rooted/Painted/Combie Hair
    Rooted/Painted/Combie Hair
    -L.L.E Contest dolls can be painted, rooted or combination of both Rooted & painted hair -Hair is a MUST and should be completed by YOU and YOU only no exception allowed. At least TWO closes up photos of the dolls hair is a MUST. -
  2. Photos Rules
    Photos Rules
    No names or nursery names will be allowed on your pictures that you submit.-No Editing photos in any way Photography should be done by you and not taken by a professional photographer. No identifying props may be used in your photo shoot. Min 9 MAX 12 photos per entries"
  3. Min 9 Max 13 Photos Allowed
    Min 9 Max 13 Photos Allowed
    -2-3 Full body photos with clothes & with just diaper -2-3 photos of Full Face, Eyes, and lips -2-close up photos of Hands & Feet -1-photos of ANY special details -2 -3 photos of Hair /Side/Back/Front
  4. L.L.E Contest Babies ONLY
    L.L.E Contest Babies ONLY
    -Any doll kit by L.L.E can be entered into this contest - NO OTHER ARTISTS' KITS ALOWED. -ANY artist from ANY country can enter the contest. -You may enter any number of L.L.E kits into the contest.
  5. Show and Tell
    Show and Tell
    -You are allowed to show your doll in public BUT you cannot share that you have enter in your Doll in a L.L.E Reborn contest -your doll may be sold prior to contest ending, in private, public or auction. But do not share it is your contest baby
  6. L.L.E Dates Coming Soon
    Free to Enter
    L.L.E Dates Coming Soon
    -Photographs should reach us NO LATER THAN ________. Photos must be enter by the contest date given -NO LATE PHOTOGRAPHS will be accepted. -There will be absolute NO EXTENSIONS -L.L.E Contest is FREE to any one whom would like to enter
Your contest doll can be one you made in the past or a kit you purchase especially to enter this contest.
​​​​​​​​​​​​Upon acceptance of our terms and rules  just by entering you hereby declare that all photographs entered for the competition, becomes the property of L.L.E and to be used as they see fit, online and in print with no legal implications against L.L.E or its sponsors, and that no monetary reimbursement will be due by L.L.E  to you in any way.
All Entry into the contest are  FREE of charge.

 ANY artist from ANY country can enter the L.L.E doll contest.

You can order from any one of my reptipal Delers or from this website 

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